NO STEREOTYPE Chair by Dongyeop HAN


Dimension: 600 x 730 x 860(h)
Material: ash, band, plywood, milk paint

This unique and unusual furniture was created by Dong-yeop Han, a Korean Designer, who made a No Stereotype Series furniture. Not only one, but some of them. This time we will tell you about this No Stereotype Black Chair. The furniture is made with plywood as the main structure and elastic band that can be found anywhere around us. The elastic band wrapped this furniture inside and outside as well. Therefore, this breaks away the stereotype of storage.

Maximize your storage capacity with this no stereotype chair.


The combination of the color between wood and black band itself give a cool look as well. The idea of using elastic band is a good one that you can store a lot of stuff not only inside cabinet, but also outside by slipping the objects among the woven band.

You can put other piece of wood in right or left this furniture, just put it between the bands and you can use it for hang your bag, clothes, put lamp, or other things. Don’t forget to install the electricity if you want to using a lamp in this furniture (like the left picture).

Beside as a storage, you can use it as a chair as well, even the structure is a chair. Just put away your things in front of side and seat on it. As simple as that. You can change the structure of this furniture into a simple box if you don’t have any space left.

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CRADLE CHAIR by Richard Clarkson


Material: Plywood, Wool, Canvas

Cradle was a group project by Richard Clarkson, Grace Emmanual, Kahlivia Russel, Eamon Moore, Brodie Campbell, Jeremy Brooker and Joya Boerrigter but was manufactured and brought to the market by Richard Clarkson. The cradle now have been sent worldwide for over 3 months after the launching. Cradle itself is a comfortable and relaxing space to overstimulate our senses after a whole day activities.

Bringing relaxation, calm, and comfort to anyone who need it.

13 This project showed that cradle can helped calm the participants who used this. The group first target is for Autistic and RMD diagnosed children use this cradle.

The cradle was made with natural and non-toxic material. It was very safety for children and adults. They also care about the design about this cradle that u can put it on the corner of your room or just leave it near the open space to get more fresh air.

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