Yemenite Totem: Stackable Seating for Your Need


Designed by Shir Avraham for her final project at Holon Institute of Technology (HIT)

Like a totem, you can put the stool above the other stool. It consists of four different stools and a tray that all made from iron frame pipes and rods of different sizes. Rattan combination was added for some stools. It combined modern and traditional feature in one furniture.

Take a totem and sit on it.


For small apartments or small house, these furniture are the best option for your seating need. This multifunctional Yemenite Totem are both decorative and highly efficient for your room.

To suit your need and your personality, you can add and stack some stools you like. When you invite your friends or families to your house, they can take stool they like suit their character and personality.

You can add the tray on top of each stool and make a table from it when you take the totem apart. Stacked the stools together into a totem when the stools are not being used.

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