Dimensions: 150x47xh177cm

Perfect cabinet for big family or a boarding house. Each member can keeping their own things in the personal cabinet. The cabinet designed with meticulous metalwork dressed in radiant coppers and immaculate metal finishes. The color itself gave vintage and monochrome feeling for your room. For some people, especially for kids, you can imagine it as a chocolate bar placed on your room.

Put it in the safe and lock it.


Each box has each key too. It was rounded box, clover, and heart shaped. You can choose your own cabinet with the key you like. Even though not have a big space, this cabinet itself will attract your eyes when you see it. You can put a fur rag under and some picture frames above it. Pretty simple too decorate with this furniture but it can give large impact for your room. This cabinet is a good idea for you who need space for put your little things inside. You can keep your house clean and make your house prettier.

Original site: http://www.nikazupanc.com/milano-design-week-2017

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